August 19, 2005

The Elopement, Part II

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Good. Now, to pick up where we left off.

In our last episode, the heroine and her darling boy had just reached their island destination, but not yet their final destination. Would they manage to get there without hitting some wayward deer, or driving off a narrow unlit island path?

The news is good, they did neither.

They did however, realize that there was nothing open on the island, so there would no chance of even a late night pizza, so hungry and tired they entered their cabin and in less time than it takes to ask "do these pants make my ass look fat?", they were asleep....

Friday, November 13, 1998. The day dawned slowly, unfurling as languidly as a cat atop freshly folded laundry. In our exhaustion, we hadn't really looked at the place we were staying at, except to note the giant red hot tub in the room off the bath, and the softness of the pillow as our heads dropped on to them. We had slept well, and awoke the next morning more refreshed than expected. Today we were getting married!!

The place we'd chosen to stay was both a resort and spa, and at the time of booking we'd decided to splurge and book a sampling, from body wraps to reflexology. After foraging for food, I went off to my first appointment while the DB went to see to JOP. The ceremony was set for later that day, and our only guests would not arrive until the appointed time.

The treatment? Reflexology.

I'd never had it done before, and was worried I'd be ticklish and do some awful physical humour thing, like kicking the reflexologist in the face and sending her flying through the wall. I'd done a little research, and read that in some cases, people cried uncontrollably as their emotional tension was 'released'. Didn't want that either. I shouldn't have worried though. This was Divine with a capital D.

By the time I got off her table I was a limp and giggly noodle. Refreshed, relaxed and most definitely in a totally different reality than the one from the previous day. I returned to the cabin... and stopped dead as I rounded the side and got a good look at the view we'd been blessed with.

None of the photographs I've taken of the site and the view have ever done justice to the sharp clean ocean air, the baaing of the sheep from the farm next door, or the comforting feeling of a home in the woods. I felt so at peace.

By this time the DB had returned from his meeting and looked decidely relieved. I sent him off to his reflexology appointment, and went to get ready. I attempted to have pre-wedding jitters, but it was no use. I was too relaxed. And giggly.

The ceremony was short and sweet and in front of the potbellied fireplace. We had a lovely gray and misty view of another island, and my soon to be mum-in-law had brought me a bouquet of flowers.

The problem was, I was too relaxed. And Giggly!! Oh my! I had to work hard to maintain some decorum during the ceremony. (I tend to laugh at all the wrong points in a movie, and this was just as bad.) I did manage to mostly maintain my composure for the ceremony, but ended up losing it when I couldn't get the DB's ring on his finger and had to get his assistance.

And yes, I shed tears when it came down to the I do's.


Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

What a great story! I'm getting married this year on Nov 11 in Las Vegas. We should have opted for an elopment, as the stress is starting to build. Maybe I should try reflexology...
Michele sent me, so glad she did!

BecK said...

HI came from Michele's
Cute story, I also giggle uncontrolably at the wrong moment. I put the ring on the wrong finger the did my own MC routine, turned to the crowd and said "Well that could have been embarassing!" Everyone had a big laugh...not hubby very red-faced! (he's not the center of attention type)
But things that this are what make memories! Great blog! I'll visit again!

Superhero Bob said...

hi from me & michele's!!!!! I'll have to come back later & read this - i'm outa time!

Anonymous said...

Ok, who is this Michelle? Is there a link to her blog? Can I tell her Cin sent me?

Cin said...

Hee - The Michele we're all referring to is the lovely and talented Michele Agnew. Her site gets lots of visitors, and for good reason! Go see her - she'll put a smile on your face...