August 17, 2005

You Don't Get Paid For This, You Know...

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My brain has been working overtime lately - from trivialities (How did I manage to find out so much about the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston triangle? Why does my big dumb boy cat have a rough patch of fur on his head?) to more serious questions (Am I strong enough to deal fairly with people who've hurt me in the past? What if I've hurt them? Is doing the right thing and doing the things expected of me the same? Where do I draw the line?).

It's positively smoking' in here.

What I need, DESPERATELY, is a mental filter.

Suggestions, please! What do you use when you just can't turn it off?


Dave said...

Turn up the music a little louder, maybe? Sing yourself a gong. Maybe the Brady Bunch theme song. That might actually kill brain cells, so it will work, but with side effects.

Thanks for the visit today!

Queenie said...

I sit down with a colorful pen and a piece of paper and start writing it all down. The paper turns out like a giant scribble with random words of different sizes and sentences with terrible punctuation written in a spiral, but it's interesting to get it all out and go back to it later when my brain's finally empty.

Lesley said...

I either write it all down in my journal or go for a walk. Writing my thoughts down seems to unravel them and they start to present answers. Failing that I can easily lose myself in a painting. I have also been known to run through thunderstorms just to get some frustration out. There's nothing like being soaked to bring you back to the present moment.

I hope you manage to find some peace :-)

Lisa M said...

That happens to me a lot. Here's what I do, first: I say to myself, "monkey brain, shhh... you are stressing us out." And then I try to do yoga, meditate or go for a walk to get myself centered again.

Michele sent me.

Cin said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comments. I ended up doing a combination of all your suggestions - I turned up the music, wrote it all down (the oh-so-unceremonious 'brain dump'), added some illustrations, and then, since it refused to rain on my schedule, did me a little yoga.