August 31, 2005

(My version of) Vacation Slides - Part 2

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I swear, I didn't spend all my vacation time indoors. When we weren't visiting the local artists' studios, wineries or cheese makers,
I was outside -- writing, sketching, walking or doing a lame attempt at meditation in the garden.

Now about that garden....
If the house is a marvel, the garden is the place to contemplate it. One sinuous path takes you from the back patio through the trees and under an archway, leading to the main meditation area...

The view from that bench is amazing...

... and the gentle gurgling of the bamboo and stone fountain could soothe even the most furrowed brow.

Feeling furrowed?

Take a moment.

Breath in (think of trees and wildflowers and the smell of water on stone).

Breathe out.

Repeat a few times.

There, now isn't that better?

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Natsthename said...

ahhhh. Thanks, I needed that!

Michele sent me!