September 03, 2005

Signs That The Universe Has A Plan, Even If I Don't

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Friday afternoon, during my lunch break, I go to my local Canadian-owned Department Store, and purchase a tiny something. I'm almost outside when I realize the saleslady forgot to give me my change (we'd been gabbing).

Back I go.

Luckily she's still there, and as we're having a good laugh over the error, I get body-checked. (Not hard enough to knock me over, but hard enough to be startled by).

It's my long lost high-school friend who I'd reconnected with briefly mid-May, and had not spoken with since for no other reason than that, well, life happens. Even during a hot Vancouver summer. I'd sent her a text-message over 2 months ago, the day before her move, but hadn't heard back.

Turns out the text message function on her phone isn't working (Gah! Cell phones!) and she had no idea I'd tried to reach her.

We plan to have lunch mid-September.

Thanks Universe!

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J Anderson said...

LOL. I don't understand the universe - but try to. Michele sent me