October 24, 2005

Monday Morning Love List, #11

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Love - That there's another new Vancouver blogger on the block - Pia is newly arrived and has the pleasure of seeing Van with new eyes, so I'm really looking forward to her impressions as she gets settled in.

Love - The twisted view of the world presented by bunny.

Love - That it's safe to go back to our weekend habit of early Saturday morning shopping at Granville Island, mainly because the tourists have thinned out. [This is not as snobby as it appears - it's more like a preventative measure. During the summer I was shocked at how some of our supposedly worldly tourists had the bad manners to mock the asian vendors to their faces. Where in the world is that acceptable? So the darling spouse and I agreed to stay away since that sort of thing drives me wild.]

Love - That I finally got through cleaning all the lens and fittings on my mom's Minolta, and am feeling much more confident about my abilities to operate a fully manual camera. Now to go out into the real world and take more than one-off test shots with it....

Love - The possibilities a fresh week provides. I'm almost used to the fact that my weekly sessions with the trainer hurt, and am actually looking forward to tomorrow's workout. This might even be the week I finally go back to my Learn-To-Run program, if it's okayed by my chiropractor.

Love - All the amazing people who've visited and left comments this past week.

So... what's on your list today?


Claire said...

I love that it's only 4 more days until the weekend again!

Here from Michele's today...HI!

zazzafooky said...

I love this "LOVE" thing that you do. I love it that all my magazines arrived on time this month. ;-)

Pia said...

hi cin! i'm surprised to see my name up there but will gladly comply!

i love it that there are now full days with sunshine that can be enjoyed with a good book!