November 04, 2005

Bitchy McBitchNuts Has Nothing on Me

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I was in such a foul mood earlier this morning.

Not first-day-of-your-period, damn-I-need-a-hug-and-everything'll-be-ok foul.

We're talking full-fledged, Xena-sized, primal please-for-the-love-of-all-that-does-not-suck-go-away-before-I kick-you foul.

I blame it on my lack of decent sleep, coupled with a blinding headache. Luckily I was able to control it until it subsided, and managed to not snarl while biting back the following phrases to the truly irritating:

"Are you really as inane as you sound?"

"Please tell someone who gives a damn."

" No. Now go away."

"Let me guess - you want me to help - and by help you mean do all the work - so you can take the credit again? Nu-uh!!"

On a morning like this there was only one thing to do:

Take a sarcasm break with the BBC. Seriously.

Visit Bitter With Baggage and let it's wry and snarkastic delights wash over you. Sloane Tanen’s chicks have so much personality!

If it's too quiet where you are, hop on over to SOMA and give their Groove Salad some love.

Bypass the health food and dive right into the delicious junkfood at Lainey's Entertainment Update.

Need something a little heavier? Go see these folks and revel in the metal of it all.

Finally, visit The Scribbler and turn that grrr into a wee bit of art.


netchick said...

haha! I hear ya! I have those phrases filtered, usually... But not always! Just ask a few of my close friends. Yikes. Thankfully days like the one you are having are rare for me, as it seems for you as well!

Here from Michele's again!

j00|{z said...

I hate those grouchy days. Maybe you should get one of those logo shirts.

Jessica said...

I was really grumpy from jet lag the other day. Not good! I LOVE, LOVE The Scribbler. Totally cool.

Ciera said...

The chicks were cute! Sorry you had a bad day.

Claire said...

I was a foul mood today! Nearly time to hit the pillows again thouh...hopefully will feel less like strangling someone tomorrow!

mel said...

ha! I'm loving Bitter with Baggage. Thanks for the link Cin! :)