November 07, 2005

Monday Morning Love, #13

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Love - The fact that yesterday was one of those chilled but sunny Vancouver days - the kind that have a sharp, shiny, almost glittery edge to them in your memory...

Love - The lift of a new haircut (props to the adorable sis for guidance!)

Love - That I can feel myself preparing for another burst of creative output, hence the need to divest myself of as much clutter as possible. I'm fighting the paper tiger one drawer at a time, and although it's got a little stressful at times, I know the end result will be worth it.

Love - That the big fella is feeling well enough to cause havoc galore, and that the wee one is feisty enough to make the whole thing that much more interesting.

Not so much - The usual bills, but also the hassle of somehow getting on a mailing list and getting unwanted mail with the incorrect name but correct address on it.

Love - The smell of sugared pecan candles. Yum!

Love - The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love - All the amazing people who've visited and left comments this past week.

So... what's on your list today?


Ciera said...

This is so lame - but I love the fact that I don't have a church meeting tonight and I can come back to the library later and play on the computer.

I love that it was sunshiny today, even though I had to squint a few times taking the kids home.

I love that I get a free breakfast later this week [sort of...I'll have to stay and listen to the meeting that goes with it!]

Cin said...

Lame? Lame?!? Never! You gotta get your happies where you can :)

Anonymous said...


*collects props and skitters off into the darkness to solve other forlorn souls' hair woes...*

*with a cape on*