December 30, 2005

Things That Happen On The Last Work Day of The Year

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This morning I became aware that there was some very insistent pawing through my hair. The yowler (not pictured above) was using one of his favourite ways to wake me. I hate being woken up by anyone in the morning, and I was supremely annoyed, but I still prefer this technique to his other personal fave - the bouncing-on-a-full-bladder technique.

I was all set to send him scurrying - after all, my alarm hadn't gone off. But when he refused to leave, I got a little more conscious, and fumbled for the cell phone.


Oh. No.
I'm supposed to be at work right now.

I leapt out of bed prepared to do battle, and managed to avoid stepping on anyone. I did that slight swaying & standing thing toddler's do while I tried to control my wits (no success there, as I'm sure someone will helpfully point out).

Called the office.

Begged the DS to feed the meowfia while I scurried around being useless.

And was in the office and doing my job by 7:32.

So there it is. If it hadn't been for the Yowler's tummy alarm, I might still be snoozing away, with the DS (who has a day off) and her highness (pictured above) by my side. His need to feed was the only thing that saved me from being horrendously late for work. Today, he is my hero.

Have I mentioned how thankful I am it's Friday?


Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong) said...

I love Yaletown! Happy New Year to you and watch out for the Cat Mafia... are you sure they're not space cats?

Sandy said...

Pet's have a way of helping us even when they don't mean to. ;)

Happy Friday!

Michele sent me.

Pink Pen said...

I've done that.. it's the worst feeling, because you spend the rest of the day feeling rushed like you forgot something by starting out the day like that.

Very good thing it's friday :)

Michele sent me!

Karen said...

Yikes - what a way to wake up. Aren't cats amazing in the way that they are so...dependable?! Mine starts crying about 2 minutes before my alarm goes off - weird!

Here via Michele's. Happy New Year!

Cin said...

Interestingly enough, many of the cat people I've met have said similar.

Usually the Yowler starts the wake-up attempts a good ten minutes before the alarm goes off, but we kept him up late last night so he had a bit of a late start too.

craziequeen said...

close thing there, cin.

When MB is away, that's usually when the felines *don't* wake me and I'm more likely to oversleep.

Michele sent me :-)


Nikki-ann said...

My cats never wake me up if I over sleep, only when I've got a day off!

Here via Michele's!

Have a wonderful start to 2006.