December 29, 2005

Thursday Thirteen: In Honour of the Randomness of it All

Thirteen Random Things about Ms Cin

1. I got a digital slr camera for Christmas from the DS and I’ve been playing with it every chance I get.

2. It comes with 3 new pieces of software, but I’m only going to focus on one for now.

3. The DS also got me a photo printer. I haven’t even pulled it out of the box yet. That’s next.

4. I’m the type who thinks this sort of thing is important, so I’ve got two lists going right now; one of all the gifts I received, and who from, and one of all the Christmas cards we received. I didn’t do cards this year but intend to next year.

5. I’ve delivered all my (handwritten) thank-you cards to the thoughtful coworkers who presented me with gifts this year.

6. I received a seed catalogue in the mail last Friday, but haven’t cracked it open yet. The first year of balcony gardening was tough going, but I’m insane enough to want to do it again. I plan to give myself some time this weekend to go through it and consider the possibilities.

7. I borrowed “Good In Bed” from the public library yesterday and devoured it in under 4 hours. Some would call this escapism, but I call it a chance for my busy brain to catch a breather, and a semi-socially-acceptable reason to retreat.

8. Getting out of bed to go to work today was incredibly painful – especially when I realized that the 2-cat mafia weren’t going to leave the bed until their breakfast was ready.

9. I sounded like Yosemite Sam while prepping their breakfast. Goshdurned indolent varmints…

10. I have 4 different posts saved in blogger, none of which I’m happy with.

11. There are 5 pages left in my Moleskine, and I just unwrapped a new one (also a gift from the DS) in preparation for 2006. Sometimes the blank page can be so daunting…

12. As yet I have no concrete new year’s plans, save one – to avoid sloppy drunken people if possible.

13. I have not read a newspaper since Friday, and I haven’t missed it. I may continue to not read the paper for the rest of the week.

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Uisce said...

I like your new year's plans. I have to go to a party, so I won't be able to avoid sloppy drunken people. :(

My list is up!

Chickadee said...

Hi, Happy Thursday 13! I've had a digital SLR camera going on 2 years now and I absolutely love it. It's just about all I use now. (I also have a regular film SLR)

I'm not sure what we plan to do for New Years, but it will probably be avoiding the sloppy drunken people too.

Leanne said...

Heya Cin! Sounds like a good Christmas to me, anything to do with electronics is GREAT! The kitty pics are great, they remind me of a painting I did last spring, a tuxedo reading a book - I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend, Happy New Year!!

Janet said...

I stopped reading papers and watching the news about a year can't get valid info from a source that depends on ratings, that's my take on it. Can't wait to see your new pictures! Thanks for visiting my 13 :-)

Ivy said...

Hand written thank you cards. You don't see those often anymore!
I havent read a paper in a few months (since the hurricane) and I kinda like it that way..