December 15, 2005

Thursday Thirteen: Yes, It's All About Christmas

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Thirteen Things about getting ready for Christmas with Ms. Cin

1. Decorating: If you've read this blog, you know I only started decorating a couple of days ago, and only because I have a low whinge threshold. I've received some excellent suggestions on how to deal with the lack of tree, and am going to put them into play this weekend.

2. Shopping: Lucky for us, our Christmas shopping list is short. Since the DS's family is big we've been doing the name-out-of-a-hat thing amongst the adults, and focus on getting gifts for the young nieces and nephews. My family is not very big, so we get token presents for everyone. Our family traditions are all about the hanging out and the eating and the wearing of silly hats and the taking of fat-face photos - not how much swag we all get.

3. Food: Has anyone noticed how generous folks get with their favourite recipes at this time of year? I've visited many a blog these past 2 weeks, and it seems like everyone has something that they are amazing at.

I, on the other hand, am known as Cin the Rice Slayer. Jasmine rice fears me, and brown rice quakes when my hand lingers over it... I simply can't get it right. This is not to say that I'm a bad cook (I'll let the DS make that comment), it's just that cooking regular food is not my forte. Give me an opportunity to bake you something from my collection of tweaked recipes, and with any luck you'll forgive my dismal cooking abilities - I bake a mean quiche and fabulous shortbread. I think I'll have to make some cookies this weekend. Which brings me back to...

4. Shopping, but this time for the condo, so it's not really for me. I own no cookie sheets. How can this be? I love baking! But the last time we purchased some we found out that the company that made them also makes leghold traps. You wouldn't believe how fast they whipped on back to the store.

5. Music: I've been listening to the same Charlie Brown Christmas CD for the past 2 weeks, interspersed with various Windham Hill Winter Solstice CDs. Yes, I'm aware some people consider their instrumental stuff muzak fit only for elevators in crowded malls. Yes, I know some consider it old folk music. I'm ok with being uncool. Consider me outed - I've been listening to their stuff since high school.

6. Movies: Elf. White Christmas. Charlie Brown Christmas. These have all been on continuous rotation in the DVD player - much better than listening to depressing news reports about consumer spending. I leave 'em on in the background when I'm toodling around the condo, working on yet another knitting project, or sorting through the never-ending stash of papers. I'll be working on a major knit project this weekend, so I may have to pull out the Band of Brothers collection.

7. Knitting: Not like I'm revealing a big Christmas secret or anything, but I was planning on giving the DS a scarf for Christmas. I've started and torn apart the thing 3 times because I hated the pattern/it wasn't wide enough/I screwed up and included a stitch I've never worked before. Now, thanks to Dani and Hello Yarns, I've got the perfect pattern.

8. Poinsettias do not enter my abode. First off, they're poisonous to kitties, and who wants to spend more time and money at the vets at this time of year? Not me! Secondly, the fact that no one knows how to spell their name in their signs drives me nuts (I may or may not get photographic evidence. We'll see). Lastly? I just don't love 'em. And why have something in your home that you just don't love?

9. Stupid Hats Revisited: I have a disco'ed up version of the classic long floppy elf hat. Think silver sequins and white fake fur. Yes, it's goofy. Yes, it makes me look about 12. Sexy it's not. But do I love it? Yes - enough to wear it often, and in public. Next year I want one with bells.

10. Booze: Yes, it has flowed. Parties, gatherings, christmas tree decorating... it's all an excuse to enjoy a little vino. But would you believe we haven't opened a single bottle so far this month?

11. Things I'm doing when I 'm sick, sick, sick of Christmas: Working on some sketches for a set of paintings I'd like to do for our bedroom. Considering which childhood classic to read next (I'm leaning heavily towards Wind In The Willows). Sleeping.

12. Looking for a little peace on earth. Living in a city, even one as beautiful and green as Vancouver, sometimes makes me homesick for the wild green places of the world, so I'm adding a meander through the UBC endowment lands to my wish list.

13. Above all, we're keeping it simple. Our ever-evolving plan to have a simpler life sometimes gets off the path, it's true. But at this time of year I'm always thankful by how truly simple our Christmas plans are compared to many of the folks around us.

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Maribeth said...

I'm with ya on #8. I tried to do the Poinsettia thing, but I kill them. Since I am a peaceful woman, I decided to leave them all in the store so that they might live!
BTW link me cause I did the 13 too!

Janet said...

I agree wholeheartedly with #6, and I also love to leave a fav movie on in the background while cleaning or sometimes, even while reading.

netchick said...

:) Nice Thursday 13! :)

And, we should absolutely catch up for a martini or 3 when I get back. I'd enjoy that!

Please add me to your TT list! Shanks!

MJ said...

I love Vince Guaraldi's cool piano jazz, its great for Christmas! Sounds like you're going to have a fun holiday... cheers!

mel said...

I need to get down and do some knitting too, I think. It would be such a nice gift to get on Christmas. I was thinking of a very simple sweater though all I have under my belt is a couple of scarves, and oversized earband and a toque. hrm...

well, good luck with your project! Post pics after!