December 14, 2005

O Tannenbaum, Banned Tannenbaum

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After a day full of whinging and whining from the partner yesterday, I decided I couldn't take it anymore and took my pert little self off to the scary retail places of the world, bought LED lights and a 'snow' blanket, then went home and tried to make the abode a little more seasonally festive.

It was tough going.

We have no tree.

See, our strata council (like many in the downtown area) has signs posted everywhere about their ban on live trees. I understand - there are legitimate fire hazard concerns and everyone seems to get annoyed by falling pine needles. But it really does take away from the whole experience. Plus the whiner DS is adamantly against fake trees.

We don't keep live plants in our place - it's tough enough creating a comfortable living space for live people and live cats - so I don't really have anywhere to hang our decorations. Poor things are just languishing. (Decorations, not cats. They never languish, not even between naps. The people are a little languished, but that's a whole other story...)

We didn't have a tree last year, and it really did dampen the mood, so I'm trying to figure out an alternative for this year. Any thoughts? Or are we going to have to put the gifts round Ms Cin's tripod? And does that sound as rude to you as it does to me?

Rats. Think I'm on the naughty list again.


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Queenie said...

We have no room for a tree in our apartment either, and the three cats miaowing piteously by my feet will not have a live ANYTHING in the general area without certain doom. Plus, pine needles. So, last year we bought a really big like HUGE fake wreath (i think it's like two or three feet across) and hung it up, and we won't put the presents out until xmas eve. We just make it a big game here to see who can hide their presents better until then.

Kathryn said...

get a huge vase or flower pot, some oasis and lots and lots of evergreen branches ---- live but not technically a tree, more of a flower arrangement --- then decorate with lights and some tiny ornaments et voila!

Maribeth said...

Many floral shops sell "live desktop pine trees" They aren't technically a "tree, yet they smell great and are perhaps more cat friendly(?). LL Bean has them too, online.

El Lunchtruck said...

DS here...thank you all for these great suggestions!