January 17, 2006

101 Ways To Kill A Monday

Special thanks to Sarcomical for leading me merrily down the garden path to the magical land of wasted time and much merriment.

If I fail this semester, I'm blaming her.

BTW - Cin created this lovely piece staring Her Highness. She didn't have the intestinal fortitude to post this, but I have no shame...

And then there's mine for the Yowler...

If you haven't check Sarcomical's blog, do yourself a favour and head over there...she's one of my personal fave bloggers, and she hosts a wicked mid-week open Haiku post. Snaps!


Anonymous said...


If I were given to drinking milk it would have come shooting out my nose when I saw this. Luckily, I'm lactose intolerant. Goes well with being "milk coming out of my nose" intolerant.

Happy Posting, Lunchtruck.
~Teh little sister ^ ^

netchick said...

HEH! Halarious! Thanks for making me laugh today. I really needed that!