January 16, 2006

Monday Morning Love List - El Lunchtruck Strikes!

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Love - that once again, I have been unleashed upon the Blogosphere…free to wreak havoc….mmuahahahahahahaa….{ahem}….sorry.

Love - that I actually managed to clean the entire condo yesterday without having one of my patented “where the hell did all of this crap come from?” freakouts.

Love - that Cin and I got a chance to sleep in, even if it was only for thirty minutes this morning, thanks to that wonderful excuse known as “I have to take the truck in for it’s three month service”.

Not So Much - that said service is going to run us close to four bills. What a way to start my week.

Love - that at least I got a chance to have a nice hearty breakfast this morning….mmmmm, ABC mixed grill skillet.

Love - that Cin and I got a chance to hang with my folks on Saturday and help Dad strip down his 1973 MGB GT in prep for having some body work done. Nothing like getting your hands all greasy and icky to make one feel like a real maaaaaan. Hell, Cin even got right in there, between bouts of photography, and started ripping stuff out. {sniff} I’m so proud of her!

Love - that we went all continental Friday night – dinner was Brie, fresh baguettes, Toulouse sausage, cognac pate, and a bottle of Garry Oaks Pinot Gris. We followed it up with a viewing of Louis Malle’s 1958 classic b&w film Les amants (The Lovers) at Pacific Cinematique.

Not So Much - that H.H. tried to chew my index finger off to get at the pate. Bad kitty!

Love - The possibilities that this blog provides for me to spread my message of grumpiness and crankypants-ed-ness to the world! Wow, I just totally butchered the English language!

So... what's on your list today?

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Killired said...

i love your hearts graphic... very cute! and pink! :)