February 06, 2006

Monday Morning Love List, #24

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Love - That despite the fact that it's Monday, I'm in a cheerful, nay, BOUNCY mood. I refuse to wonder how long it'll last.

Not So Much - My brain was so busy last night that it took forever to fall asleep. I think I'm running on four hours of rest and one middling cup of tea. Not nearly good enough!

Love - That the delightful Panthergirl of The Dog's Breakfast is hosting her Second Annual Comment-A-Thon for Greyhound rescue. Do the world some good from your computer - go comment. It's a small thing, but the great things of the world are dependent on the small things.

Love - That I started on another scarf using my new needles and the Alpaca wool I picked up on Salt Spring Island this past summer.

Not So Much - That I may not have enough yarn. Guess I'll have to email the owner and find out if any more skeins from my particular alpacas are available.

Love - The silliness that certain words inspire. Alpaaaaaca is one of them. Gotta say it in a slightly nasal tone, a la Frau Farbissina. Kumquat, guacamole and pantalones are others. Got any you wanna add?

Love - The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love - All the amazing people who've visited and left comments this past week.

So... what's on your list today?


Pearl said...

Love that hubby's coming home soon.
Loved seeing The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain
Not so much love the fatigue but Love that tiredness is nothing that time and plopping down with a silly Hong Kong romantic comedy can't fix.
Love to hear your cheery look at the week.

netchick said...

Hmm... Is Thursday too late for my list? I'm going to assume not!

LOVE that Michael and I are looking for a home together!

LOVE that my work load is finally getting back to a normal pace.

NOT SO MUCH... Some of the places that M and I have looked at. Yikes.

LOVE that this weekend, I'm not going to even think of work!!

...Hope all is going great for you guys this week so far!

craziequeen said...

LOVE all my friends and blogbuddies rallying around during the last couple of weeks.....


queen of rust said...

Love your the blog.

I love the word Alpaca. I used to drive passed an Alpaca farm in Coombs on my way to Nanaimo and there they were. They seemed to absurd. And when they we shaved, they looked even more absurd.

Happy knitting!