March 15, 2006

Making Life Brighter: Sandra Boynton

I must share a secret with y'all.

I'm NEVER growing up.

While everyone else is reading the latest tomes of Canadian fiction and nodding sagely at the meaningfulness of it all, I'm happily ensconced in the kids section, insanely giggling to myself while gorging on the antics of Sandra Boynton's characters.

Dancing hippos, ewes galore, confused cats, running bunnies, hip cows, turkeys, turkeys and more turkeys... this isn't a bad trip - it's the world she's created for herself and her readers.

I've tried many times to figure out the appeal - is it the expressions on her characters faces, and the way you expect them to dance (or run or leap or drive) off the page? The inspired silliness that helps her puts words like 'hippo' and 'berserk' in the same sentence? The fact that she's succesfully put out a book and cd called Grunt: Pigorian Chant from Snouto Domoinko de Silo, which is composed entirely of Pig Latin & real Latin?

Or is it simply that she takes so much joy in joy that there's nothing for it but to join in? Even her surname has bounce - it's so close to BOING!

I've yet to figure it out, and no serious scholarly work has been published on the Boynton phenom. I do know this though: I've not met a single adult who doesn't at least crack a smile while reading one of her books.

I take comfort in knowing I'm not alone in my love of all things Boynton. Type her name into google, and you'll find she has her own website (finally), a Wikepedia entry, and won the 1992 Greeting Card award from the National Cartoonists Association. Turns out she got her start greeting cards.

She definitely has a sense of where she stands in the world too - listed as her biography on Simonsays (the website for simon & Schuster, INC, publishers of Boynton goodness) is one lone line:
Sandra Boynton is an internationally ignored authority on romance.
So what's not to love?


Paste said...

Stay young in thought and deed. Good motto.
Popped in from Michele's today.

Zoƫ (Tanya's friend) said...

oh my gosh. i so need to get my mom that cd. and thank you for introducing her to me. now i need to have a kid so i can get people to buy me the books!

Queenie said...

Oh LORD those are cute.

Miranda said...

Grow up? Why should you have to?

The very best quote I've heard in a long time was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy a couple of weeks ago.

Meredith said quite profoundly "I've heard that when you get old you stop being a kid. I've just never known anyone who's done it before"

Sounds good to me :)

Pearl said...

Sounds like a delightful book. There's always a place for kids books with me. :-)