March 09, 2006


Here I thought there might be a possibility of spring, and then..

.. the clouds grew thick overhead
.. the winds started
.. the rains fell

and today it's #$!#%!#% snowing.

If I could, I'd be going back to bed.
For the rest of the week.


netchick said...

God, I !@#)$&*@# hear ya.

We NEED to go out for martinis, Darlin'!

Queenie said...

GOD I so feel your frustration. It's crap down this way too, and I just went out and bought a TON of cute summery clothes at the first sign of sunshine. FIGURES.

Snowbabies said...

We've had a couple of spring like days here and were set to crack on with the garden this weekend but we've now got snow forecast too!

craziequeen said...

It's been mostly miserable here lately - check my blog for the journey to work from Hell!!

btw - I like your blogquote :-)