March 30, 2006

Slogging Through The Small Stuff

It's been a week of little sleep, but I've managed to achieve a surprising (for me) amount.

I'm not what you'd call "organized". Not in the "my expensive pda is my life" kind of way. I'm more the type to write the list, then either lose it, or forget to look at it. The sweetie can attest to the myriad Day-Timers, Day-Runners, Franklin Covey planners, Palms, hipster pda's and sundry systems I've attempted and lost interest in. Follow-up is not one of my strong points.

There was a time when I used to be all about sticking to my list of things to do, being able to locate so and so's number with a flick of the wrist, and knowing exactly where a project was at because I tracked that sort of thing, complete with places, dates, times and people involved. I call that era high school and university.

And then, right about the time I realized life was going to get in the way of my degree, I stopped doing all that. Working against my own non-meticulous nature was exhausting, and I was seeing diminished returns at best. So I stopped carrying around my little black book, opting for scrawled and crunched up bits of paper (if I remembered to have them at all). I got a little cynical about it all and started to think of folks who did all that as "them".

In retrospect, quitting cold turkey was probably not the best course of action.

Getting cynical and snarkastic about the anal-retentive group I'd dropped out of? Well, that didn't win me any points either.

So you can imagine how pleased I am that this week has been all about getting the little things done, staying on schedule for the bigger Projects, and (gasp!) keeping all my bits of needed information in one place. I won't say I'm returning to my old habits - I'm too much a fan of a simplified life, and too right-brained to ever have this organizing stuff come easy. But I'm cautiously optimistic.


MJ said...

It was a treat to have you over to our place last night, fun conversations! I've also gone through various organizing technologies, now it's come down to scribbled lists and setting my cellphone alarm. I love lists. Congrats on the small stuff!

ribbiticus said...

congratulations on the organizing...from someone who has made procrastination an art form. :)

michele says hi!

Stephanie said...

cool blog!!