April 10, 2006

Monday Morning Love List, #32

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Love - That I managed to clear out a slew of miscellaneous papers over the weekend. I'll be so happy when the whole collection is gone through and done with!

Love - Do you all remember the fiasco of the Stonehenge model in "This Is Spinal Tap"? Too bad Nigel, David & Derek hadn't heard of Mark Cline, the artist behind Foamhenge. The whole idea might've worked a little better....

Incidently, according to this website, Nigel's famous "Goes To 11" comment has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. Article here.

Love - The giggles I went into when, being the snoop that I am, I checked technorati to see who was linking to me this week, and found "Villagers With Pitchforks".

The moment I saw the tagline (The flaming torches were delayed in transit, sorry.) I knew I was in the company of like-minded people.

Take a moment and check out their offerings on everything from monster rabbits, computerized piano torture, and flying cows. And of course, leave 'em a comment so they'll continue their fine work.

Love - That I'm almost finished reading Girl Sleuth. Howled when I read CleoLinda's breakdown of the standard Nancy Drew plotline.

Not So Much - Am trying hard to fight the urge to stock up on old Nancy Drews for summer reading. Am I failing miserably? Of course. So the question is, how do I smuggle bring them in without a fracas with the darling boy?

Not So Much - That the darling and I have both been a little on edge lately. I'm blaming it on the stress of going through the detox diet. Only two more days to go!

Love - The possibilities a fresh week provides.

Love - All the amazing people who've visited and left comments this past week.

So... what's on your list today?


netchick said...

Congrats on being so strong with the detox! I have never yet done one, and I can't imagine how stressed and bitchy I'd be if I had. You guys rock...

I just ate a doughnut.

:) Now that your detox is over (tomorrow), you and lunchtruck should make your way over and re-tox! Ha! Red wine is good for you.

Cin said...

Mmmmmmmm... donuts.....

We haven't killed each other... yet. Give me time sweet blonde one, give me time...

El Lunchtruck said...