April 06, 2006

Thirteen Things: The List

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Thirteen Things To Do When You Are Only Partway Through a D-Tox Diet

1. Plan your days so that there is no time at which you can sit on the couch, stare into each other's eyes, and try to talk each other into quitting.

2. Tell yourself how great you're both doing compared to the Atkins debacle, which lasted 8 hours and ended in a dozen of Tim Horton's best.

3.Read books that talk about food, but in a sensual way - MFK Fisher's The Art of Eating is lauded by many as her best work. I think I need to read a few more before I can weigh in with an opinion, but so far it's been delicious.

4. Sleep a lot.

5. Read food porn. Shamelessly look at the pictures first.

6. Argue the merits of bread vs sugar as the first thing you'll add back in once you're done the d-tox. Fight for your choice passionately. Use guilt if necessary.

7. Have sex.

8. Read books that have nothing to do with food. I'm currently working my way through Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and The Women Who Created Her by Melanie Rehak. (Shameful Secret #456 - I'm a grown woman and still love those books).

9. Window shop at La Baguette. Stand inside for a full 5 minutes so the smell permeates your clothes and gives you something to surrepticiously sniff later.

10. Follow it up with window shopping at Cupcakes. Try not to shame yourself by drooling or licking the glass.

11. Get to know the different varieties of apples - Ambrosias are great for sweet cravings.

12. Give fancy names to the meals you do have. Breakfast is no longer porridge with apples & cinnamon. It's now Porridge a la Pomme. Black coffee is cafe negro.

13. Take up some sort of sport that allows you to get rid of your crankies. See number 7 for hints.

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Rene said...

Hi, here via Michele's.

D-tox diet? *shudder* I can't imagine going a day without a bread product.

Master Enigma said...

The diet sounds hard. I on occassion fast and just do water and juice. After day 4 or 5 I start to dream of food at work. After the first week I taste phantom foods.

I hope you do well. I bet # 7 helps. *smile*

My own 13 is busy eating brown rice over at http://akaenigma.blogspot.com/

Claire said...

Hope the detox is going well...never been able to last one out myself! Good on you.