May 24, 2006

Living With the Meowfia: Sometimes a Self-Cleaning Kitty Isn't

Does bathing kitties count as being unkind? Cause that's something that happened over the weekend, much to the meowfia's chagrin. They smelled the way cats who've lolled on their polar fleece blankets for too long smell. A little stale. Even, dare I say it, a little stinky. So I took action while I had the courage.

Her Highness was very pragmatic about the whole thing, and after an initial yowl of dismay just stood in the tub with a put-upon look on her face. She shivered despite the warm water (which made me feel like Cruela de Ville), and leapt into the bath towel when I told her she was all done, even letting me towel dry her so she wouldn't drip everywhere and take eons to dry out her little woolly coat.

Not so the Yowler.

He must've figured something was up, because he did not come quietly - there was some chasing and squirming involved, but I eventually got him in the bath. Then the yowling started, at first just low and unhappy, but gradually he built up to the kind of continuous roar I associate with the aftermath of a Whitesnake concert circa early 90's, when they brought the yummy Stevie Vai and the luscious Adrian Vandenberg in as guitarists... but I digress. He was loud. REALLY, REALLY loud.

Somewhere along the line the little stinker learned circular breathing because I swear he did not take a breath the whole time he was in the tub. Between that and the continuous breaks for freedom, I think I got my cardio training in for the day. The icing on the cake? The moment I told him he was done and reached behind me for the towel, he vaulted out of the tub, ran across the bathroom floor and proceeded to shake himself out, resulting in a good 1/2 inch of water on the floor and a soaked Cin. Blech!

Unlike HH, The Yowler was having none of this towel drying business. I did my best, but he still looked fairly soggy when he made his escape.

I think they've forgiven me, but I'm not sure. Since then, the Yowley one has taken to waking me at 4 in the morning for his breakfast, and HH has puked on the carpet a couple of times.

I may have to bribe 'em with fresh nip.


Janet said...

LOL I remember those days...when I was in grooming school, the only serious injury I got was from a cat...

Hi, Michele sent me :-)

Queenie said...

Try bathing THREE cats, none of which enjoy water unless they're dunking something in it. At eight months preggo here, I am SOOO into those bath-wipey things. Makes the little rump roasts smell like aloe.

jenniek said...

I'm with queenie -- the bath-wipey things rule. I have three cats that will fight me tooth and nail when I try to bathe them. I'm talking deep gouges and blood gushing. The wipes make everyone smell fresh and clean without the inconvenience of hospital visits and general mayhem.