June 26, 2006

Update Your Blog, Redux

Update yout blog!

Later in the day....

Done. Are you happy now, your highness?
Only mildly – you have an audience, damnit. Cater to them.
oh dear - and here I was under the impression that the blog was mine. I don't think my audience is all that big...
Then you should cater to me, since I read you every day.
Or every second day.
Or every week.
Whenever you decide to get off your ass and post.

Well. I've been told.


Pearl said...

(tilting head)

Was the crack of a whip I heard?

Can he help me clean off my desk too. Nag emails would do. ;-)

MJ said...

That sounds *very* familiar... my Sweets is demanding I write more than I do (once a month) even though we share our lives together... she still wants me to write... its pretty wonderful to have such an ardent fan, yes? and yes, the rest of us enjoy reading your musings too!

Maribeth said...

I try to post everyday. It's a tough job. Some days I look at Hubby and say, I've got nothing, do something strange!

Cin said...

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

The whip has been cracked
The expectation voiced
and now the monkey must dance....

But I'm not wearing the fez, dammit. I have my pride.