July 13, 2006

Creature Comfort

Tail end of a long day. Listlessness had set in.

The clock was




A client arrived, not with a briefcase but with a tiny bundle of wrinkly tan fur. A black & tan face with intelligent black eyes stared at me audaciously. The wee red halter only accentuated how small she was.

“This is Cassie,” he said “she’s four months old.”

When she scrambled onto the counter for a little love, I knew that were I to eventually share my life with a pug like her, I would be fortunate.

The rest of the day flew by.


Shane said...

you gotta love pugs.

Pearl said...

What is it about those little faces that cheer us so much and smoosh the voice into burbly coos.

Glad your day took a turn for the speedy.

Michele sent me.

Juliness said...

Hi...loved the comment about the pug. I help take care of two of them and they are pretty cute. In a snuffly kind of way. Here via Michele.

Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos said...

Hola Cin!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you become a regular! That book is amazing, but I think you are right and better read it in Spanish... I see you also like Bebel Gilberto! You have great taste ;)...
Nice weekend.

netchick said...

I want a dog so badly... But alas, we rent, and our landlord is a FREAK.


I wish our place was more reasonably priced -- I'd just buy it.

Have a fantastic weekend you guys!