July 05, 2006

The Duck Arriveth

Last week duck #405 arrived from the States ready to be photographed as part of the Duck Project on Flickr.

My main concern? That she (I decided right off that it was a she) would not survive her time in my apartment with the Yowler of Yaletown, who, apparently loves duckies so much he nibbles them....

I have a list of places to take her, and my trustee camera in my bag. So I put to you two things:

1/ If she were your duck, what would you name her? Names that have already been suggested are Lola, Dalai Ducky and Hodgson (first name of one of my favourite authors and a current Vancouver resident, Barbara Hodgson).

2/ If she were your duck and you wanted to show her your city, where would you take her? I've been told she must go sample the java delights of both the ubiquitous Starbucks as well as the fiercely indie coffee shops, go to at least one protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and take a dip in English Bay.


netchick said...

1/ I'd name her "Slick".

2/ Three places I'd snap a shot, while she was enjoying this fine city... a) on the stern of a single at VRC b) on the railing overlooking the cruise ships at Canada Place c) on my deck overlooking English Bay, while enjoying a cocktail, of course (You may come along, too!)

jennypenny said...

That is the cutest picture!!

1. I would name my duck Lellow

2. I would take her to the lake and set her free!

Carmi said...

1. Euclipides the Duck. Because it sounds so regal.

2. I would take her to the tallest room in the tallest tower. Sounds so Shrekish, doesn't it?

archshrk said...

name her scrub.

I'd take her to the zoo and sea world.