September 10, 2006

Scarlet Promises

It seemed somehow fitting that the first pre-planned fall knit shop trip dawned rainy and cool.

After months of working with mostly neutral yarns, I've been craving colour, something deep and rich and fun to work with. Enter this beautiful Alpaca and Silk mix yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca, which I picked up from the newest LYS, 3 Bags Full on Saturday.

I'm in love. It's soft, it's silky, it holds its shape remarkably well, and it's SCARLET!

I originally bought it because I wanted to expand my repertoire and try what's considered the easiest of the lace stitches, the Feather and Fan pattern. After casting on and doing about 5 inches of Jo Sharp's Misty Garden pattern (from Scarf Style), I realized that while I liked the pattern, it really wasn't for me. Rather than make something that I won't wear, I'd much rather find an alternate stitch pattern (or patterns) and make something I'll love.

Off to a birthday dinner with the in-laws.


msdedi said...

beautiful yarn... I'll be curious to see what you end up making with it, and thanks for the kind comment on Pegasus

Reflekshins said...

I'm puttin' in my request for a Chicago Bears superbowl afgan
cheers from Michele's