October 21, 2006

Call Now! Famous (Dead) People Are Standing By

One of the things I really appreciate about gmail is that I don't have to bother dealing with spam unless I want to.

All spurious emails suggesting that I'm letting down my girlfriend, that I can get cheap software, or that I've won an online lottery I didn't enter automatically go to the spam folder, and are automatically deleted after 30 days. At any given time I can also see how many are in the file. The other day I had 147, so I thought - why not take a peek and see what junk is coming my way now?

Well, apparently one of my favourite authors is reaching out from the grave and trying to pass on a stock tip:

Hmm. You know, if a hot stock tip has hit the afterlife, I'm pretty sure it's already peaked.


Jay said...

Wow. Does this mean you're about to be rich? Shall I start sucking up now?

Cin said...

LOL - If only! But sucking up and flattery are always appreciated :)

NetChick said...

Yep, and I would take stock suggestions from Dr. Seuss. That's so silly. :)