October 20, 2006

Suddenly Friday

Where has the week gone?

I remember putting my nose to a certain stone on Monday, coming up for air and blogging on Thursday, and then suddenly the weekend arrived, coffee in hand and an expectant look on it's face. Not that I'm complaining mind you, just that it's a bit of a shock. A weekend, and the only thing I know is that there's lots to do, lots I'd like to do, and lots that I ought to do. Isn't that typical!

Naturally I started making a list, and came up with this weekend menu:

The task - illustration and layout for a fictitious zoo article. I chose a meerkat as the focal animal, and realized too late that I'm going to have to refine my fur and claw drawing technique. Looks like I'm going to need reference material, so add one trip to the library to that list.

Sunday I plan to go to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre to see the exhibit on Vancouver's Schindler Jews, and hear speakers Barry Dunner & Kit Krieger. Details here.

A Little Fresh Air. I've been cooped up inside for days, but with the promise of clear weather I can't help but want to take advantage of it. A long meander through the park would be great, but the reality will probably be choosing to walk to errands and taking more scenic routes when driving places.

Add to this more work on the dreaded sweater, some photo processing, getting through at least a few items on the errand/to-do list, time with family/friends/cats and some much needed sleep, and it'll be a quiet but full weekend.

And you?


Laura said...

Holy smokes!!! You will certainly be busy! Enjoy the fresh air!! There is nothing like it. :)

Here via Michele's! Have a fantastic weekend.

Carli said...

sounds like a cool assignment at least. . . have a good weekend.

Michele sent me!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Toronto around the new year - we need to talk about that toque/mitten/scarf thing you'd mentioned! ^^

Bwa ha ha ha - thought I'd forgotten, eh? *poke*