October 05, 2006

I Was Going to Call This a Gratuitous Pussy Shot, but Then I Thought That Might Offend Someone

He's spending the night at the vets again, his usual problem and then some. Her Highness is not pleased.

I miss his annoying habit of bonking things out of my hand, and for the first time in a while I was able to eat without him cat-sharking round my ankles.

I miss him. How will I sleep tonight?


Carmi said...

I hope he's better - and home - soon. He has such a sweet face!

I'm sure the search engines will be all a-twitter over your headline. Love it!

Cin said...

LOL - yeah, I figured why not make the best of it?

With any luck the vet will let him come home today. Lunchtruck went in to say good bye to him just before we left yesterday, and M looked utterly despondent. The guilt! I've got mommy guilt, and will probably fuss over him until he's sick of me...

Shephard said...

I love the photo of your kitty. My blog (and photo blog) are full of gratuitous kitty photos too.
Hope he's okay.
We also have a "bonker" in the house.