October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Excuses

Thirteen Excuses From Ms Cin

1. I've been absolutely terrible about blogging lately. Every time I tell myself it's time to sit at the computer and write something, I suddenly find something else to do. The thought of sitting in front of a terminal after a hard day in front of a terminal makes me go running (ok, meandering) off to do something, anything else...

2. I still haven't uploaded the photos I took with that smashing canon lens I rented. And since then I've also tried another absolutely fabulous lens, and no, I haven't finished with those photos either. See aforementioned aversion to computer.

3. I did a major photo shoot this past weekend, of which I'm terribly proud. I have almost 5 gigs of photos to sort through but I can only sit and do it for an hour or so before I get all antsy. [It's not as bad as it sounds - I recorded the data simultaneously in both raw and jpg format, so a few hours of effort will allow me to finish sooner rather than later.]

4. Things keep disappearing... First it was the hood from a lens, followed by a lens brush. Then my favourite nose stud and an earring. This morning it was the USB cable for my baby Nikon. I have shots of The Bay's Christmas Street on there! I wanna share the photographic evidence, but without the cable, y'all are just going to have to wait.

5. I've been drawing. Badly. But still, I can see the improvement, and that cheers me a little. The class I'm taking at ECIAD is gently nudging me past my usual bounds, and I've discovered I procrastinate, not out of laziness, but out of fear that it'll be no good.

6. I've been indulging in a little junk tv. I'm sorry to say that America's Next Top Model is avidly watched by all the humans in the house.

7. We've been having a little stress with the Yowler. He's been very needy lately, and cross. I've decided he's the border collie of cats - going slowly insane and taking us on the ride with him.

8. His stress is causing him health issues. I'm hoping that more time with us at home might help ease all that.

9. We're considering daily doses of nip to help ease the stress. And a generous glass of port for me. Lunchtruck? I like the idea of him sitting at the computer and getting his aggression out in BF2.

10. The other option we've been considering is a feline diffuser. The vets suggested it as an option, as it apparently works wonders in helping cats relax. Has anyone else tried these?

11. Lunchtruck and I are taking all next week off from work. Together. YEAH! We're already planning out some of the day trip we want to do, and I am truly looking forward to it.

12. There's been knitting. I stopped working on the DS's sweater for a while in order to get on with the blue boucle one that mom gave me all the bits for, but the yarn I'm using is driving me mad. The alpaca, camel hair and silks I've been playing with have spoiled me.

13. The sun has been getting up after me. Like, way after. No one should have to go to work in time to see the sun rise. It's just not right...

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Tug said...

I'm with you on the sun...have a great week off!


Happy TT!

NetChick said...

Hey, good to see you back! I've missed ya!

Poor yowler. I hope it all gets better...

Hey, you guys coming to the games night on Monday? We'd love to see you both. Z's gonna be there!

Chaotic Mom said...

Good for you for actually DOING something other than blogging. ;)

I'm curious to see your photos. AND hear about those lenses. I have an okay camera, but yearn for a new one.

I like drawing, too, but more cartoony.

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

Cin said...

Netchick - I'll be emailing you as soon as I find out which night my family dinners are on :)

mrs darling said...

I wouldnt apologize for not blogging. Life comes first.I have no idea how so many women find so much time to blog. Life is meant to be lived not blogged.

Thanks for the comment on my site.

Rabbitch said...

I was going to email you about the elann.com peruvian wool, but I'm either too stupid to find your email, too tired, or it isn't here.

Either way -- I'm really enjoying working with it and the colours are fantastic. I hear it pills badly but I haven't actually used it for anything I'm keeping, yet, so I have no experience with this. So far I approve.

As me how I feel about their alpaca silk and I'll turn cartwheels for you *g*

Brony said...

Never apologize for not blogging.
Happy TT!

Roger said...

Where did you rent the camera lens from?

Years ago I rented a 300mm telephoto from Leo's... absolutely smashing results. I got to know my all my West End neighbours.... intimately.

Oops, I've said too much.

Cin said...

I rented from Leo's too! They're a great resource, for shoots, and thisway I can test out what I'm considering buying...

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on some other stuff but #10 has me rolling on the floor laughing. You made him sound like he needs a bomb squad... I'm imagining some poor technician in a padded, fire proof suit who has to clip the wires...or just flip the switch from Evil to Good.