December 03, 2006

Ahh Chaos, My Old Friend

It's crunch time in our household. It's been rough watching my sweetie sweat through 8 weeks of this, but I'm proud of how he's fared, and the work he's done deserves an excellent grade.

As for me, I've been hard at work too. Except for a brief few hours this afternoon, I've been working on plan C for Lunchtruck (apparently there were a few flaws in plan A and B which weren't evident until the work had actually been done), and wishing the pain in my neck would go away. I've already decided to make an appointment with my delightful chiropractor, and judging from the amount of pain radiating through from the base of my head into my spine, and along my shoulder blades, I think the equally fabulous massage therapist is going to get a call too.

I keep telling myself that this too will pass, that we're less than 48 hours away from the end. 48 hours until we can get our home back on an even keel...

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Pearl said...

It'll be good to get back on even keel. Hold on there. Throw your weight to the direction you need to.