December 18, 2006

Monday Morning Love List, #46

Love - That I found the perfect ginger snap cookie recipe.

Not So Much - That I won't be able to enjoy making the ginger snaps until this weekend, after I've sent my latest project to the printers. I know it's not even a blip in the grand scheme of things, but I really was hoping to do some baking early on in the week.

Love - That Her Highness (aka Cleo) has a new 'toy' which directly translates into some much needed exercise for her tubby butt play time.The toy? A vanilla-coloured ribbon stolen from one of my padded hangers. When she's not actively playing with it she likes stroking it with her paws - what a princess!

Love - That Lunchtruck's parents are back from England. I missed them. Have I mentioned I'm one of the lucky few who absolutely adores her in-laws? Yeah. Be jealous :)

Not So Much - The brioche stitch sweater saga continues. I added on a good 4 - 5 inches to it this weekend, but I still feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I may need to set it aside for a while and work on something else just to get my knitting confidence back.

Love - The possibilities a fresh week provides.

So... what's on your list today?

1 comment:

jennypenny said...

Mmm ginger snaps. Sound sooo yummy. I am totally addicted to the ginger mollasses cookies are starbucks. lemme know how they turn out! Merry Christmas to you!