December 16, 2006

Nothing To Do But Smile and Carry On

I feel like the frustrated heroine in a badly written novel. Why? Because I've lost approximately 5- 6 hours worth of work on a project. And I'm way past deadline, but that' a whole other story. I think Publisher hates me. Is it possible for a program to know when it's being abandoned? All I know is that I was going along quite happily, and then suddenly everything froze, and when I got the machine going again, I discovered my automated saves hadn't.

I'm so glad I'm moving to InDesign.

In other news, I'm happy to report that our little tree is no longer naked - in fact, she's quite nicely dressed in silver and crystal. I brought some white lights home earlier in the week and wrapped them round the tree, and this inspired Lunchtruck to decorate.

The photos a little blurry, but that's my own fault, I really ought to buy a remote for the camera, but haven't got around to it. She's a sensitive thing.

Like Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day".

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barbie2be said...

pretty, pretty tree!