December 14, 2006

Mood Swings

The Christmas Blahs have struck again.

This happens to me most every year, but I really did think that this year would be different. I was doing pretty well, going out during my lunch hours, considering possible options, finding "just the thing" for someone on my list, and happily taking it home. I'm lucky - my list is nice and short because most of the people in my life prefer experiences over stuff, and would much rather have a good gab and a meal than receive a gift they'll never, ever use.

But then, round about Monday, I felt the old weariness overtake me and I couldn't bring myself to set foot in the mall by my office. I found myself making excuses. The thought of seeing another grim face determined to scratch off another name on ye olde shopping list did not excite me. The non-traditional christmas music in the stores really got to me, and I had the inexplicable desire to snarl at overly-chirpy sales people.

Obviously I was not fit company for humans, and barely fit for wee beasties.

But recognizing you have a problem is the toughest part, and since I've managed that I think I can help myself out. I have a plan; tomrrow night I'm going to get the ingredients to try out a new recipe, turn on some of my favourite Christmas music, and make some cookies. Cause really, who can feel blah when they're surrounded by cookies and icing?


Sarah said...

I hope you get over your blah soon. I know how you feel about the overly-chirpy sales associates. Being one I can tell you I hate being like that, for one it's not me and people just want to get in and out they don't want to chit-chat. Anyhoo, Michele sent me. Have fun with you new recipes, baking is always fun.

Jennie said...

Every year I find myself dragged down by the Christmas blahs. I know that it's coming, but I still set myself up for it. I find that getting outside helps a lot. I try to go for a walk every day, even if its just around the block. Get some air, look at everyone's Christmas lights -- it really does help.

Baking helps a lot too, but I find that I always end up eating most of what I've baked (someone has to test it out first!) and then I end up with the post-holiday weight-gain blahs.