December 15, 2006

Of Tummy Alarms, Christmas Crankies, and Getting Back to Festive

I hit a low point this morning.

A really low point.

Yelling-at-the-cat-for-doing-something-he-does-more-or-less-every-single-morning-of-his-life-come-rain-or-shine low.

I am a terrible, horrible excuse for a human being - or at least that's how I felt at 5:45am this morning. Honestly - who yells at someone because their tummy alarm has gone off? Sadly, I was just as grumpy with my beloved.

I cannot wait to get into this weekend's baking and shake these Christmas Crankies.


netchick said...

Awww, you need a hug!

barbie2be said...

i did the same thing to my kitty. it must be the weather. :(