June 07, 2005

Wouldn't you know it?


Fire alarm. 3:15 in the morning (I checked).

I dragged my sorry heinie out of bed, found clothes, started the process of gathering cats. Hate that - they were cowering under the bed. The bed which still contained the prone and exhausted body of my beloved.

Realizing it was a slow bell, I wandered out onto balcony (glad I was wearing clothes!) and noted that:
- the firemen didn't look like they were in much of a hurry.
- no one else was out there freezing said heinies off.
- the bell hadn't changed to the usual fast get-the-hell-out-now bell.

You know what happened next, right?

I went back to bed. While the bell was still going. And by the time I'd settled in under the duvet, all that was left of the bell was the ringing in my ears.

You've gotta laugh about things like this, doncha?

Still, I managed to get up on time this morning and do the usuals plus make chai tea. But I missed out on my regular plant-watering, cat-watching, early-morning-air-enjoying.

Tomorrow then.

Oh - one last thing - I've been tagged for a meme - still working on my answers, but I should have it ready for posting tonight.

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stefani said...

The same thing happened once while on vacation. We looked outside our hotel room and no looked concerned (except a group of out of the country visitors that pulled the alarm in the first place to see what it was - LOL!). We did not smell smoke and went right back to bed.