May 16, 2006

Ne Pas de Kitty

There's a reason there've been no cat updates lately - the little brats have been doing didley squat.

Her Highness, the delightfully cranky Queen Cleo, has an excuse - she spent April celebrating her 12th birthday by holding the furniture down in case gravity stopped working, but the Yowler (Mulder to his friends) really has no excuse - he's a relatively young 8-year old who ought to still be causing all sorts of reportable havoc.

I suspect Lunchtruck has been giving them valium.

So what to do? They spent most of their weekend asleep in their chairs, oblivious to the sounds of
Panic! At The Disco and my attempts to de-fur the apartment. Maybe I could give them a bath? Hmm..

Maybe I should make sure my insurance is up to date first.

So until they do something news worthy (yawning, licking themselves, and eating everything in sight does NOT count) there will be no cat updates.

I know. You're all heart broken...


Pearl said...

The devil in me request a cat bath but the angel on the right shoulder says no and remember's Hub's scratch at just putting on a cat harness. On the cat of course. :-)

Deana said...

You're a brave one to be bathing kitties. I love the gravity well I know.

Thank you for the visit from Michele's today.

Roger said...

Heya Cin,
Sorry to hear your animals aren't entertaining you.

Maybe you should introduce a dog into the scene? That'd get their attention! ;)

JoeinVegas said...

I thought it was a cat's job to sleep all day, then keep you awake all night jumping around the bedroom. At least ours used to do that. Dogs are better - they just sleep all the time.

Anonymous said...

you were listening to panic! at the disco? wtf? and can you burn me a copy?

~ stealth V

netchick said...

Heheh. Those darn cats! Don't they know their place in life? To entertain their owners? Sheesh.

Poke. Hey cat. Poke. :)