July 12, 2006

Rain Dance

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Can I let you in on a little secret?

Yesterday when the clouds rolled in I got a little frisson of happy down my spine. By the time Lunchtruck and I got home from grocery shopping it was decidely overcast and the promise of rain had been upgraded from mere weather prediction to an earthy scent in the air. More frissons.

This morning I went to the balcony door and watched the rain spatter on the glass, drenching our baby calla plants.

I was smiling.

I know I'm not alone in loving Vancouver for it's rainfall. There are many of us who thrive on it as much as the trees and undergrowth. In the summer months I pine; I miss the familiar sound of wheels on wet pavement, the sound of moisture-laden wind as it swoops through the trees, the clean, slightly earthy scent that rises after a good downpour. The only time I truly love summer is when I'm on vacation, preferably on Salt Spring Island at the
forest house.

So here I am, thrilled it's raining, and happily watching the decrease in time between sunrise and sunset each day. Am I nuts? Possibly. But I'm happy, and that's a good start to my Wednesday.


Sue said...

Hey Cin, here via Michele's today...I like Rain, doesn't bother me in the least. Heck I like snow too so I must be a true Canadian at heart (as well as in fact LOL)

MJ said...

I'm learning to like it more... I just think of all the snow on the prairies and then I'm smiling again... I'm also learning to be more aware of images in reflections, colors on wet pavement and night and how raindrops make rivulets on different surfaces, it can be pretty.

And there is something strangly comforting about the sounds of rian...

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my site and for hanging out for movie night at our place, it was super fun to see ya!

Shephard said...

Thanks for visiting today!

I love the rain. I used to live in FL, and every summer day, at about 2pm, there would be a big ole no-holes-barred thunderstorm! I loved it. I miss those storms... just a little bit.


Pearl said...

I love a good rain too. I've been to Vancouver 3 times now and maybe one year I'll relocate there.